Lit from Within: I TRI-ed to Do Another Needle Marble...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I TRI-ed to Do Another Needle Marble...

Hello, Fireflies!

The end of another month, the end of another set of Tri-Polish challenges.  Let's finish this month with an awesome, awesome blue - Lilypad Lacquer Sherbet, said to be a dupe for Enchanted Water For Unicorns.  I don't know for sure, because that's one I could never get my hands on.  I'm happy with this, though, it's so beautiful, pigmented, and bright.

Lilypad Lacquer Sherbet

I keep trying to do those darn marbled nail arts.  Neither with nor without water seems to work for me.  I was going for a look inspired by a needle drag mani by I Can Do That.  Mine is called, I Tried To Do That, but No.  *sigh*

I Tried To Do That, but No

What do you do with a mess? Slap on some more polish! I added dots with Butter London Old Blighty, a creamy brick red, and my trusty white and black stripers.

I think it looks kinda aquatic, with bubbles or something.

Like I say, when it doubt, add dots.  If it looks abstract enough, no one can tell you screwed up.

Bottle shot:  Lilypad Lacquer Sherbet, Butter London Old Blighty, and nail art stripers in yellow, white, and black.

Bottle shot:  Lilypad Lacquer Sherbet, Butter London Old Blighty, and nail art stripers in yellow, white, and black

Any helpful hints for doing marbled nails?  I seem to be perpetually blocked with that technique! Is there some makeup or nail art technique you are just hopelessly fumbling with?


  1. I'm a sucker for blues - Sherbet is beautiful!

  2. It looks SO cool! I love that you added a splash of red to it

  3. I am loving the pop of red that you added. For sure looks very abstract/ aquatic themed

  4. I love the final look with dots! Very cool!

  5. Very abstract - but it looks great :)

  6. That blue polish is so so pretty!

  7. I love the colors and placement of this one. Beautiful!

  8. You did such a nice job with this one!

  9. I love the red addition - super cool mani

  10. Messy to Magnifico, your nail art turned out great. Like an artist's interpretation of abstract

  11. I wouldn't know where to begin with marbled nails!

  12. It is like an impressionist painting, ART!

  13. These all look like tiny little pieces of artwork from a art gallery. Beautiful colours.


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