Lit from Within: Red Keyhole

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Red Keyhole

Hello, Fireflies!

Welcome to another TRI-Polish Tuesday, where I can't follow rules and only use two colors.  If it helps, I did use rhinestones, though.

I was inspired by a nail art from Sloteazzy, though hers is more structured.  I started with Sally Hansen Barracuda, a lovely baby blue creme.

Sally Hansen Barracuda, a lovely baby blue creme.

I really like the uniqueness of Orly FX Milky Way.  I love milky glitters anyway, but the blue with the pops of red and accents of white is just so different.

Orly FX Milky Way

Using tape, I made the 'keyhole' with OPI Over and Over A-Gwen, and then topped it with a red pearl rhinestone.

To make this more wearable, you could always just use a dotting tool for the red pearl.  I can't keep those things on very long, myself, but they're fun for a look.

Bottle shot:  Sally Hansen Barracuda, Orly FX Milky Way, OPI Over And Over A-Gwen.

Sally Hansen Barracuda, Orly FX Milky Way, OPI Over And Over A-Gwen

Without the glitter, I doubt I would have thought to put that baby blue together with that tomato red.  What's your favorite unexpected color combination?


  1. These are nice! I do a design similar to this a lot too.

  2. Unexpected choice of colors. What a fun mani!!! Hmmm w/ my unexpected color choices? let's try..... hot pink and poopy brown, lol!

  3. Such a cute mani. I love the added pearl and I am loving the Orly FX such a great beautiful fun color. My unexpected color combo would have to be something bright like hot pink and lime green or something. lol

  4. I wouldn't have thought that baby blue and red would go well either! I'm fond of purple and red, tho to some, that is a fashion faux pas!

  5. They look like little party hats as well as keyholes! Very cool!

  6. I LOVE milky glitters! Definitely need that ORLY!

  7. These remind me of big exclamation points! So cute!!

  8. This reminds me of that exclamation perfume I had when I was in highschool and I feel like a dud that I can't remember what it was called. lol Love the glitter.

  9. I learn so many great nail art tricks from you! It does remind me of exclamation, as Honey mentioned!

  10. This manicure reminds of me Christmas tree! A red Christmas tree :)


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