Lit from Within: August Subscription Boxes - Wantable, Ipsy, Beauty Box 5, and Birchbox

Friday, August 22, 2014

August Subscription Boxes - Wantable, Ipsy, Beauty Box 5, and Birchbox

 Hello, Fireflies!

Lots of subscription box goodies to show you for August! Hang on....


August Wantable

No cute card, but Wantable does tell you about the collection, and the retail value of your items.

August Wantable

This month's Wantable box was all makeup, and it's always all full-sized offerings, which I like.  At first, I wasn't sure I was going to like this month - mostly because I coveted a blush palette I saw someone else get! But I actually enjoyed my box this month.

Mica Beauty gel 'pen' and Vincent Longo Everbrow Micro Pencil

I didn't think I needed any more brow or eye liners, but these are both pretty cool.  The Mica Beauty pencil is actually a gel 'pen' and is smooth, smooth, smooth.  The Vincent Longo Everbrow Micro Pencil is kinda tiny, and it's kinda a good thing!  I love the color, and it's so easy to use.  Here they are, swatched, with the OFRA cream eyeshadow in Golden Sparkle:

OFRA Golden Sparkle, Mica Beauty gel 'pen' and Vincent Longo Everbrow Micro Pencil
And, here's a look I did with all three, plus the Elizabeth Mott It's So Big mascara.  (That's what she said.  And she was being lied to. It's not that big.)  I'm also wearing my It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation in Light/Medium and Radiance Palette, and Too Faced La Creme in Cinnamon Kiss.
One of the standouts for me for this box was the Nailtini Mango-Rita.  I have been searching for the perfect creamsicle color for-EVER.  This is the closest I've come.  Love that subtle gold shimmer, too.

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August Ipsy

Ipsy.. oh, Ipsy, how I have sung your praises for months.  You are slipping.  You are off your game.  You are back to cheapie samples, and fewer full-sized products.

I am excited to get to try Urban Decay Perversion Mascara, though.  This mascara has been getting beauty blogger raves! The primer, Subversion, isn't something I'd normally search out for, but also is getting raves, so if you're into mascara, you might like to try them together.

The other product I really liked this month was the Mongongo lip balm.  I don't need another one, but this one smells amazing, with citrus and ginger notes.  Feels great, too.

I have tried the Klorane dry shampoo before, and I like it.  One of the better ones, I think. 

I also got a J.Cat eyeshadow in FSE 110 Flying Naked.  Pretty, and a useful color, but nothing I'm excited about.

J.Cat eyeshadow in FSE 110 Flying Naked

I don't know much about the Dr. Brandt line, but I was interested in trying the Pores No More primer.  I think it did a decent job of blurring my larger pores around my nose. (Before is on your left, after on your right.)  Ignore the big ol' zit, please.
Dr. Brandt Pores No More primer

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Beauty Box 5

August Beauty Box 5

I wish all the sub boxes would make these little cards.  So much easier to tell what you've got and how to use it.

I was a little worried about the Nanacoco lipgloss.  I previously reviewed a Nanacoco nail polish as the worst smelling polish in the world.  The lippie had no such problems.  It's not as pigmented as it let on, but I like the flat applicator, and the color is nice.
Nanacoco lipgloss
I really don't understand Anti-aging hair serums.  The one from Roux smells nice, and it applied well with the sprayer applicator.  It doesn't make my grey hair go away, so I'm not sure what else it's supposed to do.  What does old hair look like?  The sunscreen... is sunscreen.  It comes sealed, which is nice.  Here's the serum (top) Purlisse (right) and Nanacoco (bottom):

I did like the Style Essentials glitter! I love flakies, and iridescent glitter is close...  This is layered over Ulta Green and Wear It, an emerald green crelly.

 Style Essentials glitter

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August Birchbox

After two other samples of Harvey Prince perfume that smelled awful on me, I was dreading this one, but it actually smells really good! Kinda grapefruit-y.

I liked the Whish shaving cream, too.  I usually shave with shower gel - this is so much smoother.

I didn't try the Number 4 hair product yet, and I've already gotten a sample of Staniac before.  S'okay.

I dooooo love Paula's Choice, though, and was excited to get to try another of her products.  Love the sweet packaging on the Resist Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum, too! When you twist, the pump comes up out of the bottle!  ooooooh.  ahhhhhh..
Paula's Choice Resist Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum

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Whew! ok, that's a lot of samples.  What, if anything, would you want to try, or which sample have you tried and loved?  Any subscription box tickling your fancy?


  1. Those are some nice products in all of these subscription boxes.

  2. I received the same in my Ipsy bag. I think I need to change my preferences, I am tired of dull stuff and not ever getting nail polish! Waaahhhh! LOL

  3. Ipsy is definitely slipping. The other boxes were great!

  4. I absolutely love the nail polish!

  5. I just ordered this months Wantable so I am hoping I get that Tarina blush palette I've seen so many get. You didn't get it so now I'm worried LMAO I had a bad experience with them last time. I went for another box because I had credits and got it for $6. For that I'd be a brat to complain but seriously... I don't want another bad box lol

    1. Yeah, I really wanted that blush palette!! I'm curious to see if you get it. Maybe I'm the only one who didn't. Poor me. LOL

  6. Ooooh that Style ESsentials glitter!!!!

  7. Wow, you get 4 sub boxes a month! I'm coming to your house to play ;) My ipsy bag was fine. I too complained about only one full size product and it was a lip balm (I got Absolute NY You're The Balm in grape by Nicka and I liked it), but to be honest, I own so much makeup that I really don't need that many full size products. I got an eyeliner pencil sample that some women complained about being tiny, but it was perfect to throw in my MU bag in my purse.

    1. I'm thinking I'm going to let some expire. I'm getting a little overwhelmed with samples!

  8. You making me want to go back to some of my sub boxes but gat to save money so will hold out. I love wantable i used to get accessories looks like they do decent products. Birch box really just kinda never impressed me so i left. But overall i think you have some great products

  9. Hrmmmm so many options! I think the Wantable box stands out for me.

  10. I wish I rcvd the Pores No More in my Ipsy bag!

  11. holy bajeeezus, that is a lot of stuff in one post!!!!!

  12. Oh I just LOVE that sparkly nail polish!

  13. The color of that Nailtini polish is really nice!

  14. You look so pretty. I love that nail polishes you got - such fun opening sub boxes each month.

    1. Thanks, Honey! *blush* It is fun seeing what surprises are coming in the mail... but when these expire, I'll have to re-evaluate which ones I'm keeping.

  15. I love Beauty Boxes, but I am only getting one of these (Ipsy because it's totally cost effective). I wasn't too sure about it at first because my first month sucked, the next month though was awesome stuff and this month had a little of both. I may have to check out some of these others in the future though.

    1. Ipsy has traditionally been my fave, and I get more good boxes than bad... but they've been getting cheap, and I'm not happy when the only full-sized product is a lip balm. I'm not ready to give up on them yet, though.


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