Lit from Within: Zoya Flower Teacup

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zoya Flower Teacup

Hello, Fireflies!

Time for another tea party!  This time, I'm making floral abstract cups with the Peter Som trio of polishes from Zoya.

I wanted to love Zoya Cole.  It's the perfect orange creamsicle color.  But the formula.. ay, Zoya.  you rarely fail me, but this pastel is a mess.

Zoya Cole, a beautiful mess

Zoya Edie is a gorgeous blue.  Slightly dusty, maybe a little lighter than a traditional denim color.  I can't get enough of these blues.

Zoya Edie is a slightly dusty, maybe a little lighter than a traditional denim blue

This pretty dusty light green is Zoya Alexa.  I feel like this mani is looking like a disservice to Edie and Alexa at this point.  Cole is just ruining it for everyone.  She's such a beatch.

Oy, what a mess.

Oh, if I were a poet, I would write an ode to topcoat.  How she smooths away our wrinkles, and blurs our imperfections.

Forget foundation, I'm going to start wearing Seche Vite on my face.  Think it would work? 

Bottle shot:  Zoya Cole, Edie, and Alexa.

Bottle shot:  Zoya Cole, Edie, and Alexa

Despite her flaws, why does Cole have to be so pretty?  I'll probably wear her again, like I'll try a staining blue just *one* more time, to see if I can make it work. 

Do you have a makeup product that you should just throw away, but you can't for some reason?


  1. I like the colors you used here. Its very fresh feeling.

  2. The flowers are a cute touch! Love that Zoya

  3. I love those three shades together and the flowers are adorable!

  4. Bwahahaha! I was going to say, I wonder if I could wear Sech Vite on my face to smooth my wrinkles and flaws. If only it were that easy... :P

    I love this colour combo and your little flowers. :D

    1. I really think Seche Vite has over-looked this potential market! lol

  5. Such a pretty coral!

  6. Cole doesn't look bad to me in your photos!

  7. I am always afraid until you apply the this!

  8. Very interesting color combo and cute flowers :)

  9. Love this trio. The colors are lovely paired together.


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