Lit from Within: Stamping Over Shiny Stripes

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stamping Over Shiny Stripes

Hello, Fireflies!

Two challenges today, and two posts! If you'd like to see my last Challenge Your Nail Art post with my campfire nailart, click HERE.

Today's Sunday Stamping challenge was to stamp over a striped base. 

I've been loving all these metallic chromes and foils lately, and I just picked up two from the SephoraX line on clearance.  This is Artic, an icy blue.

SephoraX Artic, an icy blue

I took Glacier, which I thought was pink, but is actually silver, and made freehand stripes - just using the regular brush.  In Real Life you could see these better, but the contrast isn't huge.

Also, these polishes brought my camera to it's knees.  It was begging me, no more! No more shiny! These polishes are ridiculously shiny.  If it could be too shiny, it would be.

freehand stripes with SephoraX Glacier, a silver metallic foil

I thought it would be clever to take this Sisi & Cici08 stamp with this crosshatch pattern, and put it over stripes. 

You know, like diagonal lines in different directions over a vertical striped pattern? Crazy!

Funny, right? haha. ha.  ha. *ahem*

Sisi & Cici08

I wasn't trying to line up the pattern, but I have to admit that I like the centered one on my ring finger a lot. 

Not only did these chromes reduce my camera to tears, but I couldn't seem to get a precise stamp, either.  These polishes laughed in the face of anything trying to capture them.  They just could not be contained or subdued. 

These chromes just want to let their freak flag fly. 

Both of the chromes came with their own special base coat, too, not pictured.  SephoraX Glacier, Artic, and Cult Nails Nevermore.

Both of the chromes came with their own special base coat, too, not pictured.  SephoraX Glacier, Artic, and Cult Nails Nevermore.

How do you feel about the resurgence of  metallic chrome polishes for Fall? I'm so happy!


  1. Love the stamping here. Its so nice!

  2. I love chromes and metallics! I didn't know Sephora X had these, I have to check them out...even if they fly a freak flag LOL!

  3. It turned out amazing, I can totally see myself rocking those shades during the fall

  4. shiny, metallics and chromes are my faves


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