Lit from Within: TRI Tropical Flowers

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

TRI Tropical Flowers

Hello, Fireflies!

It's time for another installment of the TRI-polish challenge, and today, I'm going tropical.  I started with a polish I received in my Memebox Blue, so it's a Korean-style brand named Dearberry that I've not heard of before.  Dearberry 33 is beautiful, though, and it didn't stain.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Dearberry 33

The inspiration for this nail art came from one of those collections where the originator wasn't named.  I've linked it in my Pinterest, and, per usual, if you know the creator, I'd love to credit and link them here.  I stamped the outline of the flower with Revlon Spirit, using Red Angel plate 119.

Red Angel plate 119

I wanted the flowers to have a juicy, shiny quality, so I outlined with a red striper, and then filled in with the flakie goodness of Models Own Red Sea.

Models Own Red Sea

The nice thing about striper polish, is that it's usually pretty opaque, so even yellow pops.  I also used a white striper to make more dots and redefine the outline of the flower.  Can't even tell it was stamped now, can ya.  I just look like a painting *genius*. Geeeeenius.

Off we go, to a tropical paradise... with a polish that came from Korea, and stripers probably made in China, and Models Own is from the UK. Hmm.

Bottle shot:  Dearberry 33, Revlon Spirit, Models Own Red Sea, and stripers in red, yellow, and white.

Bottle shot:  Dearberry 33, Revlon Spirit, Models Own Red Sea, and stripers in red, yellow, and white.

If you could go on a tropical vacation, where would you go?


  1. These re some nice tropical flowers! If I could go somewhere tropical, probably to Tahiti.

  2. Very tropical indeed. Now you only need pinacolada and wide-brimmed, winner winner!

  3. woooooo tropical fun! I wanna go to the beach!

  4. An international festival of polishes. :D

    A tropical vacay sounds like heaven, right now. Sandy beach, cabana, cabana boys with cool mists for my face and tall, frosty cocktails. Yeah. I could roll with that just about anywhere.

  5. Very pretty! I love everything about this mani! Well done!

  6. Very nice mani! I think it looks perfect on your nail length. It would look a hot mess on my long nails.

  7. This got more and more prettier as I scrolled down!!

  8. Another Superman mani! I love that blue! My kinda color :)

  9. Very pretty mani! I love flowers on nails :)

  10. I really like how they turned out

  11. This looks so good! exactly like something you could get done at a salon.


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