Lit from Within: GOT pink stripes

Thursday, August 7, 2014

GOT pink stripes

Hello, Fireflies!

Today's GOT challenge is all about stripes.  And pink.  And flakies.  And holo.  I started with a gorgeous rosy pink holo, Girly Bits Crantini.  Impeccable formula, as always.

Girly Bits Crantini, a gorgeous rosy pink holo

I freehanded a diagonal French tip with Sheswai Totally, a rose cream. I remember when Sheswai burst on the scene with a polish that dropped the F-bomb.  I never was able to get a bottle of that...

Sheswai Totally, a rose cream

Flakies and holo in ONE mani?  This may rip a hole in the time-space continuum.  Hope everyone has their towels.

Darling Diva Polish Rose Opal is a similar color pink as the other two, and just adds a subtle flash of flakie.

Darling Diva Polish Rose Opal

Black stripes provide contrast, and make it so that I complete the objective of the challenge.  Win-Win!

Holo, creme, and flakie pinks.  It's getting dainty up in here!

Bottle shot:  Girly Bits Crantini, Sheswai Totally, Darling Diva Polish Rose Opal, and a black nail art striper.

Bottle shot:  Girly Bits Crantini, Sheswai Totally, Darling Diva Polish Rose Opal, and a black nail art striper.

Do you like looks that are all in similar colors, but change up the texture like this one, or do you like more contrast with your stripes?


  1. Oh, I love what you did here! Flakies and holos sittin' in a tree...

  2. Simple but very cute mani!

  3. Crantini is stunning! I'm such a sucker for pinks of ALL kinds!

  4. LOVE this look! I need that Girly Bits shade in my life!

  5. Very pretty and so easy to create! Love it!

  6. Love this nail art and I am drooling over that Girlie Bits polish!

  7. I love the base color but the design is cute too.

  8. I loooove a good holo and I've been meaning to try this brand. Guess I gotta wait until next month. I've already blown through my funds this month. Womp.

  9. Love those colors together! I think pinks/cranberry/magentas are so pretty with black :)


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