Lit from Within: I'm Melting!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I'm Melting!

Hello, Fireflies!

Here in Florida, it is a gazillion degrees.  Everything is melting. My makeup, my ice cream, the polar icecaps... usually, it's a bad thing.

Not for Too Faced Melted lippies, though.  I've been coveting them since the first reviews came out, but at $21, they were a little more than I wanted to pay. 

Then, Ulta had a coupon that could be applied to prestige brands, and I bought the two I wanted most:  Fig and Ruby.

Fig is a muted mauve that leans purple.  It's a very wearable shade, but it's not boring.  If you're wanting to try the Radiant Orchid trend, but the idea of bright purple lips is too much, you might like Fig.

I didn't want Ruby.  I didn't.  I have way too many red lipsticks, and I didn't need another one.

Until I swatched it on my hand at Sephora.  Then, I was done.
Ruby is a bit of a chameleon.  It's a bright red, but the pink undertones are strong, so if you only put on a little, it leans fuchsia.  As it wears, you also get that fuchsia stain.  It's unique in my collection of reds, for sure.

Both of these felt great on, with decent staying power.  I like that they 'set' and didn't feel slippery like a gloss, but also didn't feel drying like a matte.  I definitely want more.  I think Melted Candy and Melted Berry are next on my radar.

What is your fave red or purple lippie?


  1. I really like how Ruby looks on you! There both very nice.

  2. those are gorgeous and i need them in my life.

  3. I love the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks. I now own two and have plans to get my greedy paws on a few more colours.

    These look smashing on you. :D

  4. Those look so pretty! I have to try them!

  5. Fig is totally right up my ally

  6. Fig is so gorgeous on you! I have it here but I haven't opened it yet. I need to get on that!

  7. I loveeee the melted lippies. I can't get enough of them. We haven't received the new shades in Australia yet which is kind of a good thing because I can't afford to feed my addiction.

  8. I wish I had thought to use that coupon on these! I so want Fig but can't deal with that price tag. Looks great on you though!


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