Lit from Within: Glitter Before and After

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Glitter Before and After

Hello, Fireflies!

Yesterday, I had a HUGE post with all the goodies from four different subscription boxes in August.  Today, I want to focus on the two nail polishes I got from those boxes, and some before and after pix.

So, you saw this pix of the gorgeous Nailtini Mango-Rita:

Nailtini Mango-Rita

 Gorgeous peach/creamsicle with a hint of gold shimmer.

Nailtini Mango-Rita

Afterwards, I decided to pair it with this fun, pastel glitter in greens and oranges from Sally Hansen's Color Frenzy line called, Fruit Spritz....and apparently, I tried some of the Style Essentials on my ring finger, first.  Usually, iridescent glitters just show up better over a darker base, but you gotta experiment sometimes!

Sally Hansen Fruit Spritz

Don't these just compliment each other?

I also showed you Style Essentials iridescent glitter over Ulta Green And Wear It.

Style Essentials iridescent glitter over Ulta Green And Wear It

I love how iridescent glitters catch the light and show off different colors. My own private light show!

Style Essentials iridescent glitter over Ulta Green And Wear It

I thought you might like to see how gorgeous Ulta Green And Wear It is on it's own.  It's an emerald green crelly, opaque in two coats, but with a slightly squishy look to it.  Perfect for Fall.

I love that more subscription boxes are introducing nail polish, and you can still get some pretty interesting colors and finishes close to home, too.

So, what's your preference? Plain, or glittered?


  1. These are nice. I really like that pastel glitter from Sally Hansen.

  2. Lovely combos! Ulta Green And Wear It looks really pretty green polish.

  3. I love sparkles. These are gorgeous combinations.

  4. I have been loving muted shades lately! Beautiful!


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