Lit from Within: Glitter Flakie-splosion!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Glitter Flakie-splosion!

Hello, Fireflies!

Time for another round of undies and glitters, but today I have some iridescent or flakie glitters.

Sigh.  My faves.  Something about those flecks of color-changing goodness.

First up, the metallic blue of OPI Seventh Inning Strrretch with Zoya Manhattan - which looks yellow, but is really full of sparks of color and changes the blue to a funky, flashy green.
OPI Seventh Inning Strrretch with Zoya Manhattan
Above The Curve Adriel is a pretty rose pink with a subtle holo, and becomes a juicy raspberry flakie pool with Sweet Color WO12.
Above The Curve Adriel with Sweet Color WO12
Flakies over black is one of my favorite combos. Wet 'n Wild Black Creme isn't really necessary, though with CrowsToes Helheim - it has a black jelly base all its own. Love those subtle purple flakies.
Wet 'n Wild Black Creme with CrowsToes Helheim
Another black/flakie combo is Wet 'n Wild Black Creme with Dance Legend Anna Gorelova #12.  Reminds me of Finger Paints Twisted! Love the multicolored flakie rainbow goodness!
Are you a Flakie Fiend like me?  What's your favorite flakie?


  1. These are some nice swatches of flakie colors!

  2. Great combos! I especially like black&flakie combos.

  3. I LOVE wearing flakies over black polish.

  4. I like it the most over the black

  5. I was about to say I think I need that black polish in my life... but I think i already have it!

  6. I adore flakies! The black flakie mani is my favorite!

  7. These colors go together like bread & butter. Great combo!


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