Lit from Within: Sunday Stamping - Hearts and Bars

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Stamping - Hearts and Bars

Hello, Fireflies!

Today's Adventures In Stamping challenge is to celebrate Valentines' Day.  I like flowers and chocolates as much (or more) than most, but I like them better the day after Valentines' Day, when they're cheaper.  I do like breaking out all the hearts and flowers nail art, though!

I started with OPI's white base coat, Put A Coat On It, and this stamp from my DRK-A plate.

I've been using my Milani Black Swift for stamping lately.  It's getting older, so it's thickening up.  Sometimes, that makes them easier to stamp with.  At least they're usually more pigmented.

I did a little leadlighting with Impala Beterraba, a jelly red, and then put a little sparkle over the bars with Impala Brinde Conmigo, a scattered holo glitter. 

Makes me think of hearts breaking out of jail.  Heart jailbreak?  There's got to be a song about that somewhere.  Maybe a country song..

Bottle shot:  OPI Put A Coat On It, Impala Brinde Conmigo, and Impala Beterraba.

Bottle shot:  OPI Put A Coat On It, Impala Brinde Conmigo, and Impala Beterraba.

Is it wrong that I love Impala polishes primarily for the bottles?  I love them.  Put a heart on that!

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