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Monday, February 23, 2015

Firmoo - Fashion For Your Face

Product provided for review.  All opinions are my own.

Hello, Fireflies!

Did you ever hear, 'Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses"?  Well, it's not true, and even more so when you're wearing glasses that are as pretty as the ones I got from  I've been wearing glasses since I was around 7, and had never ordered them online before.  There's a bit of a learning curve, but it was much easier than I thought it would be!

I hadn't had my prescription updated in about 4 years, so I had to go and get that done locally.  This was my first hiccup.  Before you go get your prescription, I encourage you to look at the ordering information on  There is a form you need to fill out with Sphere, Cylinder, and Axis, ADD, Prism, and Pupillary Distance.  In Florida, where I live, apparently you can't get a prescription with the pupillary distance written on it.  They can tell you what it is, but there's some issue with having it written down with the script and transferred.  Maybe the place I usually get my glasses made wanted to give me the runaround, I don't know.  I eventually got it, but it's best if you know what information you'll need ahead of time and just get it when you see the Optometrist.

my new Firmoo glasses
I ordered these single-vision lenses with the basic UV coating. Firmoo has all kinds of options for tinting, coating, thinner lenses - the works.  You can even get bifocals or progressive lenses.  My understanding is that you'll need additional measurements for those, depending on the frame, but I only have single vision lenses at the moment.

They have a lot of frames to choose from, though I was hoping for more selection with magnetic sunglasses clips, which is what I'm used to.  Selection changes all the time, though.  To see how the glasses look on a person, they have pictures of different models you can put all the glasses on, or, one of my favorite features was that you could upload a picture of yourself and virtually try on all the frames!

my FOTD and my new Firmoo glasses

They look a little different on me in Real Life than they did virtually, but I think they look even better!  They arrived very quickly, and came with lots of nice extras like a hard and soft case, a screwdriver tool, and several tiny replacement screws, as well as a cleaning cloth.  
comparison between my old glasses and my new Firmoo glasses
I've worn frames similar to the ones on the right for over 5 years now.  I was hesitant to try a different style, but I really like these! Now, I just have to find some sunglasses...

I broke out my red Colour Pop eyeshadows for trying on my new glasses.  Sometimes, wearing glasses can change how your eye makeup looks, depending on your frames and prescription.

my EOTD with my glasses from Firmoo
If you're curious, here's what I wore for my FOTD:  It Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Palette, Lorac Pro 2, Cover FX Anti-Age Soothing Eye Primer, Calming Primer, and CC Cream, Physicians Formula liquid eyeliner in Ultra Black, Colour Pop lippie stix in Ellarie, L'Oreal Butterfly mascara, Colour Pop eyeshadows in Drift and Girly, and Too Faced Bulletproof Brows in Brunette.

here's what I wore for my FOTD

I loved the stained glass look on the temples of these frames, so I did a little nailart homage.  I created the outline and fill with Clinique Black Honey, and then colored in some of the negative space with Cuttin' Edge Hot Heels.

If you'd like to try ordering your next pair of glasses, sunglasses, or frames online from Firmoo, my affiliate link is HERE, or you can simply go to  If you go through my affiliate link, I make a small commission if you purchase your glasses there.  Firmoo also has a program where you can get your first pair of glasses free!  You can also find Firmoo on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest.

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