Lit from Within: Swan Song

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Swan Song

Hello, Fireflies!

Today's the last round of this month's 'Animal' challenge from the Nail Challenge Collaborative!  I decided to base this nail art on some Swan charms I found online and just loved, and I found the perfect glitter to go with them.

I absolutely fell in love with these beautiful swan charms!  Totally not practical, though.  You know I took them off as soon as I finished taking the pictures..

The base glitter is Ulta Diva, an LE polish I picked up around the holidays.  It's a pale pink with lots of tiny sparkly bits and a pink shimmer.  The real find, though, was the Nails, Inc. Kensington Church Street glitter.  I rarely buy anything with string glitter because I think it looks like little hairs.. but these small ones seemed inoffensive enough.  On the nail, it just completed the illusion of white swan feathers. 

Swan nail art with Ulta Diva and Nails, Inc. Kensington Church Street

Bottle shot:  Ulta Diva and Nails, Inc. Kensington Church Street.

Bottle shot:  Ulta Diva and Nails, Inc. Kensington Church Street.

How do you feel about bar or string glitter?

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