Lit from Within: You're So Vain (Pursuits), You Probably Think This Skincare's About You...

Friday, February 27, 2015

You're So Vain (Pursuits), You Probably Think This Skincare's About You...

Product provided for review.  All opinions are my own.

Hello, Fireflies!

Growing up in the 1970's meant that all the personalized products I saw were for girls named Jennifer and Katherine - I never saw my name on anything! As an older woman, I still feel pretty unique in that department, and even as a woman with aging skin that's still oily and prone to breakouts, I still feel like my skincare needs are fairly specialized, and not just anything off the shelf will do.  With Vain Pursuits, I get fulfill the needs of both that little girl I was and the older woman I am! Win/Win!

Yes, I admit it, the thrill of seeing my own name on something special, made just for me, is pretty awesome.  And vain.  Which is kinda the point of this service!

With Vain Pursuits, you fill out a questionnaire about your skin needs, what you like and don't like in your skincare, and then your personal galpal formulates a skincare regimen just for you!  It's a subscription service, and for less than $50 a month, you get three products that are just for you.  I received a cleanser, toner, and facial moisturizer, but you could get other skincare products like hand cream, masques, etc.

Vain Pursuits Cleanser - made just for me!
The cleanser is clear, doesn't foam too much, and doesn't smell much.  Maybe a very faint minty whiff.  I've been using it a little over a week, and I've tried it with my Michael Todd Soniclear (thanks to Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table's review for the thought to pair these together!) I loved it with my Soniclear, and loved it with my konjac sponge, and by itself.  Yes, I would use this with a sponge, I would use it with a brush, I would use it here or there, I would use it anywhere...

It leaves my face squeaky clean, a little tight, but not dry.

Vain Pursuits toner
Toner is one of the mysteries of the universe to me.  Growing up, toners were basically astringents used to strip my face of oils.  Now, I know that astringents aren't good for my skin, and toners have diversified for all kinds of skin types.  This toner is enriched with aloe and chamomile and is supposed to balance and rejuvinate.  They're not a regular part of my skincare.

What I love about it is the spray delivery.  I don't even bother with cotton pads.  I just spray it all over my face, pat it in, and wait a moment for it to dry.  It has no scent, doesn't sting or irritate my eyes.

The facial moisturizer for my oily skin is light and absorbs quickly.  It's not a gel, but it feels like it might be a hybrid? Maybe it's the aloe, but it feels like it has some gel-like properties, which I'm a huge fan of for my oily skin.  It's hydrating enough without being too rich.  I love the lime notes, which are crisp and light, but I'm not a fan of the eucalyptus, which isn't strong.

Luckily, Vain Pursuits has already sent me a survey asking what I liked and didn't like about my products, and will tweak the formulas to perfection.   I'm pretty excited that not only will Vain Pursuits make the formula that is perfect for my skin, but they'll scent it the way I want.. and then put MY name on it. 

What better way to celebrate my personal skincare regiment than with nail art celebrating the look of Vain Pursuits?

Vain Pursuits nail art - China Glaze Foie Gras, Maybelline Dust of Bronze, and Zoya Arizona.

I used nail reinforcers to get the round shapes, which I painted with China Glaze Foie Gras and then covered everything in Maybelline Dust of Bronze.  I made the stripes with a nail striper and Zoya Arizona.  

Vain Pursuits nail art - China Glaze Foie Gras, Maybelline Dust of Bronze, and Zoya Arizona.

All of Vain Pursuits products are made in laboratories in Canada, from natural and plant-based ingredients, and are free from parabens and sulfates.  They are never tested on animals. They currently ship to Canada and the US (and the shipping is included in your subscription!)

To fill out a survey and get your own specialized skincare system, please visit Vain Pursuits at their webpage via my affiliate link HERE.  Or, you can always just go straight to  If you decide to purchase a personalized skincare system for yourself, if you use the code: NIDIAVAIN1MTH, you can get a month for only $25, or if you want a 3-month subscription, get one month free with code NIDIAVAIN.
You can also find Vain Pursuits on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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