Lit from Within: Pink and Glittery Hearts

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pink and Glittery Hearts

Hello, Firefilies!

It's not Valentines' Day... but I couldn't help stamping some hearts to go with today's Sunday Stamping theme, "over a pink glitter."  I chose two different stamps, but it's all hearts and glitter!

I bought one of the sets of plates from UberChic, and loved them so much, I went back and bought the other two sets she has.  I think these have really great images on them, and I really like this sunburst heart stamp that works even on my small nails.

The pink glitter is Milani City Lights.  It's crazy blingy, and my camera had some trouble focusing!

Even though this is all pink and hearts, it doesn't feel out of place outside of Valentines'.  I think the stripes help give it a more universal appeal.

Bottle shot:  Milani City Lights, and Finger Paints Patent Leather Black (which stamps great, but stains the stamper purple, unlike my usual FP go-to stamping polish, Black Expressionism.)

Milani City Lights, and Finger Paints Patent Leather Black

Are hearts reserved for February, or do you rock them all year long?

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