Lit from Within: Off We Go - Into the Wild Blue Yonder!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Off We Go - Into the Wild Blue Yonder!

 Hello, Fireflies!

It's a new month, and a new theme for the Nail Challenge Collaborative.  July is all about travel for this challenge.  It's such a broad topic, but my first thought was to look at modes of transportation.  So, I took to the blue skies for my first attempt at this theme!

"Mint" conjures up a greenish color for me, but Milani Mint Crush really looks like a baby sky blue to me!  As with many pastels, it was a bit streaky, and it took 3 coats to get a nice, smooth, opaque look.

I knew I was going to match it up with Hard Candy King Of Pop.  They seem to be made for each other!  The white glitters made me think of white, fluffy clouds across the sky, and the yellow and orange as bits of sunlight, streaming through the clouds.  What better way to travel than by jet plane?

I just love these little plane charms! Though neither of us are pilots, my husband and I both teach at a local university that specializes in aeronautics, so maybe the plane thing has rubbed off on us a little.  For our 10th wedding anniversary, my husband had arranged for us to take a small plane ride around the coast, and for our 20th this year, I'm hoping to get to try a helicopter ride...

Ever since I did this mani, I've had this song in my head..

...and maybe now you, do, too!

Now, off I go -

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