Lit from Within: Glitter: Above and Below

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Glitter: Above and Below

 Hello, Fireflies!

Happy Independence Day to my USA readers! Happy Saturday to everyone else..  I actually don't have a patriotic mani for you today, but if you're missing the stars and stripes, check out my Wonder Woman mani I did last month!

Today's manis - yes, TWO - are showcasing two of the many ways I use glitter!

The most common way I use glitter is on top of a base, usually creme, color.  This is Maybelline Beach Blossom, a light peach creme, with Dance Legend Chocolate Starfish on top.

Chocolate Starfish looks like it might be dense enough to be opaque on it's own, especially with the brown tinted jelly base, but I like how Beach Blossom lightens the base.  I also love doing half-moons like these, or gradients to show off both colors.

Another type of glitter I'm in love with at the moment is the new metallic flakie that is everywhere now.  I bought a bunch of different ones from LynBDesigns, including this green/purple/gold one called Here On Earth.

I love all the color-shifting flakies! How they shine...

I saw a similar mani (and I can't remember where now) that did a ruffian over a colorful base, and thought it might look good over these colorful flakies.  This is Cult Nails Tempest, still one of the best creme white polishes, though sadly discontinued.

I think this is so cool how the metallic flakies glow and shift next to the white!

How do you like to wear glitter?

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