Lit from Within: I'm So Yellow... From This Yellow Clay Mask #obligebynature

Friday, July 24, 2015

I'm So Yellow... From This Yellow Clay Mask #obligebynature

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Hello, Fireflies!

Masks, masks, masks.  I'm obsessed.  I want to try ALL the kinds of masks, and Oblige by Nature has some very unique clay masks that I am just loving.  They are one small brand of which I'm a big fan! I've tried their French Rose Clay Mask before (for sensitive skin) and today I want to tell you about their French Yellow Clay Mask (for oily skin.)

Oblige by Nature was founded in 2000 by Dr. Paul Petit, a naturopath who has specialized in treatments using clay.  Before using their masks, I used to put on a clay mask and let it dry and crack on my skin.  Dr. Petit teaches that in order for a clay mask to be effective, it needs to be damp. So, now I put my mask over a quick spray of toner or water, and spritz intermittently to make sure that the clay still has enough moisture to do its thing.
The clay is a very fine powder, soft to the touch.  It's infused with herbal extracts and algae that provide nutrients to the skin as the kaolin clay detoxifies and cleans the pores.  The ingredients are simple, natural. and vegan - no synthetic chemicals or fragrance, no phtlalates or parabens.  It's gluten-, sulfate- and GMO-free, and it's never tested on animals.
To mix the powder into a mask, you can go as simple as just adding water.  This is one of the few clay masks I've been able to mix with just plain water and not have it get all clumpy.  Oblige recommends mixing in their hydrolates, which are distillates of oils, such as Rosewater or Orange Blossom water (like I used in the mask).  I love the smell of orange blossoms, so I mixed in equal parts of that with the clay, and then added water as needed.  It mixes up easily, and applies well with an old paddle foundation brush.

I find it really relaxing to brush on a mask! It's like painting my face, only I'm not making it look better...  this yellow mask looks almost chartreuse on me!  Not cute.
My skin loves these kaolin clay masks.  After washing it off, my skin is brighter, softer, clean - but not stripped or irritated - and just looks so healthy.  Between the mask and the relaxation, I feel so much better!  And my skin is now ready to absorb all the serums I love to use.

My nail art is inspired by the clay and the brightness I feel using it.  I started with a gradient of Nubar Gold Feather and Color Club Lion's Den, and then added a smattering of gold glitter from OPI Pop The Cork! I thought it was fun how the green shimmer in Gold Feather mixed with the pink shimmer in Lion's Den.

For more information, or to purchase, you can find Naprodis and Oblige by Nature on their website, where this French Yellow Clay Facial Mask retails for $19.95.  You can also find them on Facebook.

What's your favorite type of mask?  Do you like to try different kinds?

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