Lit from Within: Golden Eyes #goldcollageneyemask

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Golden Eyes #goldcollageneyemask

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Hello, Fireflies!

I have become a mask fanatic.  Hair masks, face masks, body masks, you name it.  And now, an eye mask.  Yes, a mask shaped specifically for the eye area, and with ingredients made to plump and tighten up the delicate eye skin.  And with GOLD!

Can you feel the love? Beneleaf sent it along with the eye gels!  This company, owned and operated by women, loves animals, too - they are cruelty-free! And, there are no parabens or alcohols in these eye masks.

The masks themselves are made from Hydrogel, a material that is supposed to be chemically similar to our skin, so that our own skin absorbs the nutrients from it very quickly.  It's infused with colloidal gold, which is supposed to encourage collagen growth, and hyaluronic acid, which helps our skin retain more water.  There's also Aloe, and peptides, too, to sooth and tighten the skin.

Each set of masks is individually wrapped, and you can see how they are swimming in a light serum.  Beneleaf recommends refrigerating them for at least 30 minutes prior to use to give an added cooling sensation.  I tried it both refrigerated and at room temperature.  The cooling is nice, but I don't think it lasted that long, so if you don't have time to refrigerate them, you'll still have a great mask experience.

I have oily skin, but these are supposed to be good for all skin types, and safe for sensitive skin.  If you're not happy with them, Beneleaf offers a 100% money-back guarantee.
Putting them on is a little bit like wrangling those jiggly water balloon snakes they used to sell at the toy store.  They are slippery little suckers!

Open the package carefully! I tried to apply these while sitting up, and it's not easy.  They ended up sliding down my cheeks!  Your best bet is to decide to take a 15 minute rest and just lay down, put the masks on, and rest your eyes.  If you like to put on masks and be active, these are not for you.  They'll end up by your ankles in short order.

I have one eye that is just more sunken in than the other, or something.  The shadow makes it look more discolored than it really is, but it's always there.  The masks did help with the puffiness, and I think the skin under my eyes looks brighter and felt tighter, and made me look more awake.

The second time I tried the masks, I used the extra serum all over my face, decolletage, and backs of my hands - it was a juicy package!  Everything absorbed eventually, but not as quickly as a regular face serum, so don't expect to put on makeup right afterwards.  It did leave my skin so soft, though.  I definitely did enjoy using the serum.

My nail art is inspired by the shapes and colors in the packaging.  I did a base coat of KBShimmer R-E-F-L-E-C-T, which is a sweet silver flake polish, and painted teardrop shapes over it in Color Club Lion's Den, a gold/pink shimmering polish.  Lots of precious metals, just like in the mask.
If you love gold and regular face masks, Beneleaf makes a gold sheet face mask, too.  Or, if you like the eye masks, but are allergic to gold, they have regular collagen eye masks.  If you'd like more information, or to purchase, you can find Beneleaf on their webpage, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and on Amazon, where a package of 8 pairs of masks currently retails for $21.99.

Have you tried eye masks?

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