Lit from Within: Colour Pop Tie Dye - To Die For?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Colour Pop Tie Dye - To Die For?

Hello, Fireflies!

When I'm on the hunt for fun, innovative colors and formulas, whether in nail polish, or makeup, the first place I look is to the small, independent brands - or Indies, as they are affectionately known.  I've written before about some of Colour Pop's crazy pigmented (and some crazy colored lippies, like GREEN!) and some of their funky, bouncy, not-quite-a-cream, but not-quite-a-powder eyeshadows.  I recently picked up their LE Tie-Dye eyeshadows, and wanted to show you!

This isn't the first 'mottled' look eyeshadow for Colour Pop, but it's the first for me.  In addition to these three, they also released a highlighter, but I didn't pick that up.
They almost look like a baked eyeshadow, with the trails of different shades and glitter running through them.

Rip Tide is a pale pink with pink and silver glitter.  I'm thinking highlight shade for this one.

Flamingo is an icy blue.  Is it me, or should *this* one be named Rip Tide, and the pink be Flamingo?  I hemmed and hawed over getting this one.  I don't usually wear such frosty colors.  
My fave of the bunch is Summer Lovin, which apparently is a re-promote.  It's a beige with some pink in it, and I think it's going to look great as a glow on the lid.
If you haven't tried a Colour Pop shadow, you're in for a surprise when you first touch them! Don't press too hard, or you'll push right down into the bottom of the pan!  They are very soft, squishy, but not liquidy or creamy.  They're like a cream-to-powder, bouncy texture unlike anything else I've ever seen.  They can dry out, so it's not recommended to de-pot these, but rather to keep them tightly closed when not in use.

I just got these in the mail today, so I haven't had a chance to play with them.  With every type of product I buy like this with the mottled look, I always hope that I can transfer some of the look in the pan to the skin, but I can't.  I'm always the tiniest bit disappointed that the color comes out as one shade, rather than a marbled swirl.  I know, it's dumb to hope.

Still, I can create that marbled look on my nails, and that's what I was inspired to do today.  I created a needle marble using a white base of Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and marbling together Literary Lacquers Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (I think - the label fell off!) and Color Club Lion's Den.  I was going for a mix of the three colors I bought, rather than what was in one pan.
These colors are supposed to be only an LE set that was available for the 4th of July weekend, but you never know what's coming down the road, or if they'll release more colors with this type of texture.  I look forward to the next innovation from Colour Pop!

For more information about Colour Pop, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and on their website.  Most of their eyeshadows are only $5, blushes and highlighters are $8, their amazing lippies are $5, and their new ultra matte liquid lipsticks are $6!

What do you think of marbled products like these?

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