Lit from Within: Bicycle Race

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bicycle Race

Hello, Fireflies!

We're still traveling with the NCC this month!  I had so much fun with my silly airplane charm mani, I decided to try my luck with some more charms.

Let's go for a ride!  I used this yellow-green shimmer from LA Colors (unknown name) and put Orly Mermaid glitter over top to give me a grassy-field feeling.

The huge bicycle charm is so impractical, but fun.  Actually, I take off most charms when I'm done with the pictures, because I know they'll just fall off anyway, unless I use nail glue. 

NCC - Bicycle Race charm nail art

Of course, this gave me the Queen Bicycle Race earworm:

Bottle shot:  LA Colors unknown yellow-green shimmer, and Orly Mermaid.

Bottle shot:  LA Colors unknown yellow-green shimmer, and Orly Mermaid.

Do you want to ride your bicycle?

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