Lit from Within: Variety is the Drink of Life! #MixCups #CulinaryTeas

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Variety is the Drink of Life! #MixCups #CulinaryTeas

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Hello, Fireflies!

Most mornings, I like a cuppa to start my day.  Sometimes, I want a quick infusion of caffeine, sometimes, I want a gourmet experience.  Whether you like coffee or tea, Keurig quick or steeping smooth and slow, there's something for everyone!

If you like tea, and the pre-packaged sachets just aren't doing it for you, you might like Culinary Teas.  They are a gourmet tea shop that carry so very many different kinds of teas!  They don't package them until they are ready for shipment, so they are always fresh!
I got the chance to sample their Good Mood Tea, a black Sri Lankan tea with nibs of cacao for a chocolate aftertaste and caffeine boost.  It also has citrus rind in it for a lift.  It looks like a pile of leaves and twigs... tasty twigs... 

A teaspoon of loose mix goes into my Mr. Tea before he goes into a nice, relaxing, warm bath.  About 3-5 minutes later, my tea was brewed to perfection!  Great job, Mr. Tea!

I do take all my beverages sweetened, so I'm sure that affects the subtleties of great tea, but I will say that I did enjoy this cup!  It was a nice, smooth black tea.  I didn't particularly taste the chocolate or citrus, but there was a body to the tea that I've never gotten from a tea bag.

Culinary Teas has just about every kind of tea, from black to oolong to matcha, and they also carry some tea accessories. A one oz sample of this Good Mood Tea currently sells for $3.75, and they offer several sizes up to a 16 oz bag for $35.75.  They ship in the USA and Canada.

If you get bored drinking the same blend every day, no matter how good it is, then MixCups might interest you.  MixCups is a subscription service that offers different blends of coffees or teas based on your preferences, and how much you want to drink in a month.

The standard Mix of The Month box ($26.95) comes with 30 cups - 3 cups of 10 different types of coffee.  I was in heaven.  I love trying different kinds of coffee - and what I've been doing is buying boxes of coffee and pulling a few cups from each box.  But, I can't drink all of it before it gets stale.  A Mini box ($10.95) has 10 cups, for those who only drink occasionally, or maybe want to have some on hand for guests.  A Mega box ($48.95) is 60 cups, and is two Mix boxes - for you to mix and match!  They have a standard mix, a mix of non-flavored coffee only, or a tea only box.

Subscriptions run either month-to-month, or every 3 months, and can be cancelled or put on hold if you want to take a break.  I don't know how many different brands they have in rotation, but I'd never tasted any of them before.  I did recognize many of the names, however, like Tim Horton, and Cake Boss.

So far, I've enjoyed all the different ones I've tried! I would definitely subscribe to this, because it's perfect for my tastes and my household.  I usually only drink 1 cup of coffee a day, and my husband doesn't drink any - so making a pot is wasteful.  I like variety, and get bored with the same blend every day.  I will admit, I wish there was an option to not get decaf cups, because I don't particularly see the point in drinking decaf... 

My nail art today is all about the cuppa!  Some coffee, some tea - all fresh and delicious.  I used Dance Legend 272, a creamy brown with gold sparkle, for the base, and stamped with Finger Paints Paper Mache, and my UC 2-01 plate.

Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Do you stick with one type, or do you like a variety of flavors?

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