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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Regenerate With Regen FX

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There are few things I like trying better than a system, be it a hair system, or nail system, or, in this case, a facial skincare system.  There is something special about having a series of products work in tandem to address a particular goal.  Regen FX is an age-defying skin system that works together to regenerate skin and give me back my youthful, healthy face.

When layering most skincare, it's usually important to let each product completely absorb before applying the next one.  I usually start with serums, then a moisturizer.  If it's evening, I may dab on a facial oil at the very end. If it's morning, I'm more likely to apply SPF.  With this system, I've been starting with the Eye Gel.

I'm pretty lucky that I don't have a lot of issues with the skin around my eyes.  I have one eye that always has a shadow from being a little more sunken in than the other, but I don't have a lot of wrinkles or dark circles.  What will happen for me, though, is I will get a lot of bumps if I'm using something too rich - so my solution has been to use eye gels more often than creams.  I love the lightness of the gels.  This one absorbs very quickly, and does seem to make the skin feel a little tighter, but not uncomfortable.

With cucumber and licorice extracts to reduce puffiness, and Green Tea extract for antioxidants, as well as Aloe to soothe and repair the skin, there are lots of natural ingredients that work alongside peptides, and Hyaluronic Acid to replenish the delicate eye area.

I don't notice any smell from this eye gel, and I didn't have any breakouts or issues from using it.  The serum is light, but not watery, and absorbs quickly without any tackiness or residue.  My eye area feels really good, hydrated, and I still don't have wrinkles! I definitely plan on continuing to use this gel.  Currently, Regen FX Total Regeneration Eye Gel is available from Amazon for $39.95.

After the eye gel, I apply the Ultimate Hyaluronic Complex Serum.  I've become such a fan of Hyaluronic Acid! With the ability to hold onto 1000x it's own weight in water, it's essential for rehydrating older skin like mine that doesn't produce as much HA on its own anymore.  Hydrated skin is smoother and plumper, and just younger-looking!
What I love most about serums is that they work for all skin types, but are really important for oily skin like mine.  Aging, oily skin still needs nutrients and hydration like dry skin does, but I can't tolerate the rich creams that are usually associated with anti-aging formulas.  I just break out like crazy, and pimply old woman isn't a look I'm really striving for. 

There are many Hyaluronic Acid serums on the market, and I've found many of them do a good job at hydrating.  I prefer mine to be unscented like this one, and I also like that they don't use artificial fragrances or test on animals.  This serum also uses Certified Pure Hyaluronic Acid, and is made in the USA.  The Regen FX Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Serum currently retails for $39.95 on Amazon.

The last product in the system is their Age Defying Moisturizer.  What really gives this moisturizer it's oomph is the combination of Matrixyl 3000 and Collagen-boosting peptides.  Collagen is what gives skin its elasticity, and our skin just doesn't produce as much on its own as it ages. When skin loses its collagen structure, we get sagging and bagging.  While we can't replace all of it topically, having ingredients that help your skin produce more collagen helps to support a more youthful appearance.

Out of the three products, this was the only one that had a discernible scent to me.  The moisturizer contains peppermint oil, and while it didn't irritate my skin, it does make the lotion smell minty.  I love peppermint, but I'm just not a huge fan of my face products smelling minty - other than my toothpaste!

Scent aside, it is a very nice moisturizer that works very well with my oily skin.  It's not too rich, nor too heavy.  It absorbs quickly with no residue, and my skin feels fresh and soft.  My oily skin didn't freak out or break out, either!  Regen FX Anti-Aging Moisturizer currently retails for $42.00 on Amazon.

And, in case you're wondering, I'm a big fan of the packaging!  Nice, substantial plastic tubes with pump dispensers that haven't clogged or dispensed too much or too little.  I love the simple packaging, and the differentiation in size and shape to make grabbing the right bottle so much easier - especially those of us who are blind without our glasses!

It's that packaging that inspired my nailart for today's review! Clean, sharp lines, with black, white, and silver, and a few dots because I didn't have room for any text!

If you're like me, and have graduated to skincare that has an emphasis on anti-aging, and you also like a system that works together, you might enjoy these products from Regen FX!  For more information, or to purchase, you can find Regen FX on their website and  They guarantee that you'll get results, or your money back!

Do you like mixing and matching skincare, or using a system like this one?
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