Lit from Within: Goege-eous, Inexpensive Eyeshadows! #eyeshadow15

Monday, July 27, 2015

Goege-eous, Inexpensive Eyeshadows! #eyeshadow15

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Hello, Fireflies!

I don't know when I became a hoarder of neutral eyeshadow palettes, but there is something about them that I find hard to resist! Even though my skin tones is better suited to cooler tones, I'm also attracted to warm peach and browns - and this 15-color palette from Goege is chock-full of them.

I was pretty excited when I got the opportunity to try this palette, but also *really* skeptical.  Mattes are notoriously difficult to use and blend.  And, at less than $10, how would a palette full of mattes measure up?  At first, I was not happy with the performance.  I was having trouble getting a good swatch, and I thought that my fears were realized.  Have you had an eyeshadow just start working?  As if there was a film or overspray that you just had to get through in order to get to the goodness within?  I guess that's what happened here, because then I started really getting the colors!
There are 15 colors in the palette, none of which have names.  The palette itself is made of a sturdy black plastic, reminiscent of ELF or Crown palettes.  There is a clicking fastener in the middle of the lid that does secure the palette.

The swatches I've done here are on my arm, with my fingers, on bare skin (no primer).  I've broken them up into sets of three, from the left to the right of the palette, and from bottom to top.

I'm really trying to get better with the lighting...
The white really surprised me.  That was one color I had to 'break through', but once I did, wow. 
Many of the browns look similar to me in the pan, but they all swatched differently.  The brown in the center here would make a great transition shade.
I was most excited about this wine shade in the center, and it didn't disappoint.  Probably the most pigmented and smooth of the whole palette, and one of the cooler shades. 
The cooler shades, like this grey-brown on the end, are few in the palette, but there are enough to create a few looks.  Lots of peach and brown shades, though.
Even the black matte wasn't too shabby!  I used it dry as an eyeliner, mixed with a little of a dark brown, and it performed really well, and stuck around for a few hours, until I removed my makeup.
I used the light peach on the lid and the wine color in the outer V.  I know I used a few of the browns, too, and the black and brown mixed together for the liner.  Over Milani's Eyeshadow primer, these worked really well, and when I got home from my evening out, they weren't creased at all!
Products used:  Senna Brow Fix Golden Brown, Vincent Longo Eyebrow Micro Pencil Brunette, Bare Minerals Loud & Clear gloss, It Cosmetics Tightline mascara, It Cosmetics ByeBye Undereye Waterproof concealer in Neutral Medium, Milani Eyeshadow Primer in Nude, Cover FX Illuminating Primer, Goege 15-color palette, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores pressed powder, Colour Pop SuperShock Cheek Double Dip, Clinique Cheek Pop Cola Pop

I created another look with just oranges and browns.  Still used the black/brown shadows for eyeliner.  Very impressed with them!
Products used:  Goege 15-color palette, Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon in Toff, It Cosmetics Tightline mascara, It Cosmetics ByeBye Undereye Waterproof concealer in Neutral Medium, Milani Eyeshadow Primer in Nude, It Cosmetics It's Your Beauty Award-Winning Must Haves palette, It Cosmetics Celebration Illumination Foundation SPF 50.
I couldn't be more happily surprised by this bargain matte palette.  I think it would definitely appeal to those who like neutral mattes, especially warm peaches and browns.  For the price, it's worth it for that wine color alone, frankly.  So gorgeous.

This palette can be found on Amazon, where it retails for $8.95.

I have become a bit of a shadow snob, but these were a reality check.  How much does price factor into your decision to buy makeup?

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