Lit from Within: How Do I Celebrate My 20th Wedding Anniversary?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

How Do I Celebrate My 20th Wedding Anniversary?

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Hello, Fireflies!

In a few months, Mr. Lit From Within and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary!  I can't believe it myself - it seems like we're still on our honeymoon, sometimes.  When we were first married, we really couldn't afford much in the way of jewelry, but because he knows I love wearing it, he's always tried to find something special.  It doesn't get much more special than completely customizing that jewelry!

Anjolee Jewelry has a long history of making quality jewelry - in fact, they were the original designers of the 'tennis bracelet'! Every piece of jewelry is hand-crafted and created to order using the finest materials.  That doesn't mean that everything is super-expensive, though!  My anniversary ring was made with Sterling Silver and set with Cubic Zirconia and Amethyst stones, making it a very affordable option.
Amethysts are my birthstone, and purple is my husband's favorite color, so it seemed a natural to alternate the CZ stones with these beautiful purple gems.  I love that the setting allows for plenty of light to shine through and set the stones sparkling, but it's still low-profile and doesn't scratch or get caught on anything.  I wear a size 9 ring, which means that most jewelry stores don't carry my size.  It was nice to get the ring in my size already, and not just get a minute to admire it before sending it away for resizing.
Getting custom jewelry does take a little time, so if you're planning on getting a piece custom-made, make sure you give yourself some lead time! It's worth it, though, to get exactly what you want.  They make lots of different kinds of jewelry, from earrings to rings, diamond necklaces to gemstone bracelets.  You can choose different metals, stones, stone size and quality, and even engraving.

Anjolee is committed to a clean environment, and run a Green production facility.  All their diamonds are sourced in accordance to the Kimberly Act of 2003, meaning that their suppliers all have documentation showing that the diamonds were obtained through legitimate channels.
Special jewelry deserves a special nailart! I created a radial gradient using three Zoya polishes - Rayne in the center, then Serenity, and Isa on the outside.  I stamped flower outlines using Finger Paints Paper Mache and UberChic 3-01.

Do you like celebrating with jewelry?

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