Lit from Within: Berry Butter London!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Berry Butter London!

Another variation on the same theme for today, and still more to come.

Berries!  As in, Blowing Raspberries.

I don't often buy red polish anymore, at least on purpose.  I have a lot, and there are only so many shades of red I can really enjoy.  I don't like them too pinky/cherry, for example.  This is a different kind of fruity red.

Dotted flowers were one of the first nail arts I learned how to do, and they're still a favorite.  Who doesn't love a good dotting tool? 

The flowers are dotted with BL Shut Your Cake-Hole, and the centers with BL Sprog.

Heading even farther into berry/wine territory, is Queen Vic.  I loved this color - so chic, and so shiny, and happy.

It felt so festive, I wanted to adorn it with even more happiness, so I used BL West End Wonderland to dab on a glitter gradient.

I like how it's festive, but because it's a lighter berry and not a red, it doesn't feel like a Christmas combo.  The stores may be stocking Christmas stuff in October, but I'm not ready yet!!

I know they're not true pinks, but they still makes me think of Breast Cancer Awareness which is all this month.  Are you wearing any pink this month? 

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