Lit from Within: More Butter London Blues

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More Butter London Blues

Well, I'd be an awful person to just tease you with BL Bluey yesterday and not show you a swatch today, right? 

Bluey is a blackened teal polish with a foil-like, almost metallic finish and a slight duochrome shift to green.  She's a complicated girl!  And she needs at least two, maybe three coats to get opaque.

Another gorgeous BL blue is Royal Navy.  I almost didn't pick this one up - I mean, I have a few navy polishes already.  This one is a keeper!  This is one coat.  It is very pigmented, so be careful with application, as it may stain.  I used two layers of base coat as a precaution, and it cleaned up fine.

This is with no topcoat.  Look how glossy!  I love dark blues that still look blue, not black.

I did two nail art looks with these colors.  The first is one of my fave kinds of manis - the dotticure.  I used Bluey as the base, and then dotted with Artful Dodger and Royal Navy.

My hubby said that the dots looked like eyes.  It wasn't what I was going for.... but, okay...

I decided to do a glitterbomb/ombre style look with the Royal Navy.  Frilly Knickers is on my pointer finger, West End Wonderland on my middle, Tart With A Heart on the ring, and Knackered on the pinky.  I love the purple duochrome of Knackered, but my fave is TWAH - the aqua shimmer is so unexpected!

More BL to come! 


  1. Hi Nidia! I'm a new follower, and a fellow Central Floridian! You hubby's right, it does look like eyes! Great blog!

    1. Hi Barb! Thanks for following my blog. :) Where are you in the good ol' CFL? I co-admin a group called the Central Florida Beauty Lovers for those of us who love to chat about beauty/polish/etc and live within approx 90 mins of Orlando. If you're not already a member, mayhap you'd like to join?

  2. Jeez, Nidia. Stop with the Butter!! I can't keep buying all these you are getting me obsessed with !!

    1. You need a wishlist for people to get you some for Christmas... :) :)


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