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Monday, October 22, 2012

KKCenterHK - Polishes!

I recently had the opportunity to review some polishes for KKCenterHK, and I was excited and a bit skeptical.  I didn't recognize any of the brand names, and I remember all too well that experience with that Nanacoco polish...

I was a little worried when the first polish that I opened actually broke in transit.  The polish bottle was shrinkwrapped, though, so it didn't get all over anything. I was able to salvage the polish for swatching, though I suspect the texture was a little thicker than it would have been if it weren't opened.

Ebalay Dark Orange Gold Dust is a completely unique polish to my stash, and I thought it was just gorgeous.

This is the polish that broke, so the brush is a little sticky, but I wanted you to see how thick it is.  Not as thick as an OPI, but definitely not skimpy.

Its a full-coverage glitter; this is two coats, no undies.  I love that it's not a bright Halloween orange, more of a cooked sweet-potato orange, so perfect for the whole Fall season.

The second polish I chose was this Myviven LC11 Sapphire polish. The brush isn't as wide as the Ebalay brush, but it's still thick enough to get the job done, and no wonky mop-tops here.

You've heard me rave about the dusty colors this season, and I chose another one, but look at that shine.  

I'm really impressed with this brand so far.  The formula was every bit as nice as the local heavy-hitters.  Smooth, shiny, self-leveling.

This polish was my fave of the bunch, and is probably one of my all-time favorite glitters now.  This is Myviven PA16, Metallic and Purple dots glitter.

This is another opaque glitter, two coats.  I love the unexpected bits of purple in this metallic gold base.  Pictures just don't do it justice.  This felt like a great handmade polish to me -  in formula, the amount of purple glitter, and the way it just glided on.

Over this gorgeous glitter, I tested ..... a crackle.  I admit it, I wouldn't have chosen a crackle of my own volition.  I never got much into crackles - they never worked well for me, or were worth the effort.  I was pretty sure I wasn't going to like this one, either, so I just ordered a color I thought would look nice.

This is Myviven BA05 Cracked Misty Purple over the Metallic Purple Dots.  It actually cracked! I rarely have had a crackle polish crack enough to see the polish underneath, so this one is definitely a winner.   

Nice color saturation, and a matte finish which looks great over the glitter.

I decided to put undies under the last Myviven polish, though I didn't need to.  This is Sally Hansen in Right Said Red.  Loved the formula, but the red was a little too cherry-leaning for me to love. I tend to like blue-toned reds more.

Over Right Said Red, is MyViven SG06 Copper Dots, a golden glitter with large and small hexes. "Copper" is a little misleading.. it's more of a champagne gold. 


You could probably build this to opacity in 3 coats, but this was more of a dabbed on 1, maybe 1 and a half coats.

If you haven't tried these Ebalay or Myviven polishes from KKCenterHK, I think they're worth getting.  The formulas were all great, easy to use, good payoff, and looked gorgeous.

KKCenterHK has created a coupon code for my readers to try their products for 10% off! 


will allow you to take a 10% discount off the price of your merchandise total!  Thanks, KKCenterHK!

These polishes were provided to me for review.  Nonetheless, the opinions are my own and as unbiased as possible.

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