Lit from Within: Blurple-purple Butters

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blurple-purple Butters

I think that purples are my fave colors from Butter London.  I loved the pale Muggins, the periwinkle sprog, and now - Scoundrel:

The formula on this one was not *quite* as nice as other BLs, I will admit.  You can see some bunching on my thumb and middle finger.  This could very well be user error, though, as I had been swatching for awhile, and I may not have let my base coat dry completely.  

I did another glitter gradient with BL Knackered.  This is a really interesting polish - way too sheer for me to wear on its own.  I have seen pix where people have layered this polish to opacity, and it's like 5+ coats, which I have no patience for.  It does add a pretty blue sheen and a scattered holo effect, though.

I added a leaf and branches pattern with BL HRH and BL Muggins.  

And, I liked it so much, I did both hands!

 Next up, another Macy's exclusive, Brummie:

Like another Macy's exclusive, Cake Hole, Brummie also has that rubbery-looking finish.  I like it a lot on Brummie.

I must really like Knackered, because I pulled it out again!  

I covered all of the ring fingernail with Knackered, three stripes on my thumb, and one stripe in the middle on all other fingers.  I really liked the contrast between the rubbery finish and the holo sparkly.

 Betcha didn't know there were so many sides to Butter London! 

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