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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Work and Play Blue

For work, I wanted to make a mani to accentuate this dress I have with teal and grey circles, with silver and black.  Zoya Fei Fei, one of their new fall colors, seemed perfect, and I had been wanting to wear it since I saw it.

I really like Zoya polishes.  The formula is consistently fantastic, they have lots of different colors and finishes - though their cremes are amazing.  And, they usually have sales or promos if you order from their website.  Fei Fei is gorgeous, and I don't have anything like it!

I am learning to become a better stamper.  So many different things you can do with a stamp!  I used MASH 43 and Essie Nothing Else Metals to make  this circle pattern on my nails.

I really liked how it turned out! None of my students notice my nails, though.  It's okay, that's what I have the internet for. :)

My next look was something I put together for a day at the Zoo with my friends and their toddler.  I started off with Urban Outfitters Barstool (in a Seche bottle - mine was broken!) It was worth saving, though.  As many blues as I have, I can't turn down a muted, dusty blue.  I only used one coat (over glue!), because I knew I was going for glitter.

If you like microglitter like I do, you need this polish.  Wonderwall, by Dandy Nails, is amazeballs.  Two coats, and it meshes together beautifully.  I am loving this 'super secret' glitter technique by Otaku polish for applying glitter, too.  Really makes it easier, and I only have to dab a little to get in the edges now.

This polish held up beautifully all day through all kinds of zoo-experiences, and then peeled off easily because of the my glue base coat.  Glitter is fun again!

Would you wear blue for work and/or play?

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