Lit from Within: Naild'it? Mostly.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Naild'it? Mostly.

I love Indies and I love unique finishes, so I paired some fun undies with some fun Indies!

First up, a nameless brown-purple metallic from Cosmetic Arts.  This is reminiscent of NOPI Just Busta Mauve, but I haven't swatched them together.  I really like this color - not bad for a $2 polish.

I can't really say the same for Naild'it Brown Chicken Brown Cow.  The brown polish was so opaque, you couldn't see any of the glitter, except a few pieces of the red.

Where's the white glitter?  Where's the black?  It all melds into this brown mess.  The texture, unfortunately, is reminiscent of the one thing chickens and cows have in common.

I love brown polish.  Most brown polishes, anyway.  This one made me sad.

On to happier things.  The undies for the next mani was Finger Paints Meet Me at the Met, a metallic charcoal grey.   Again, only one coat, though. 

Now this is what a glitter in an opaque base is supposed to look like.  Even though the polish is silver, you can clearly see the blue, silver, and holo glitters in the polish.  I really like Naild'it Peacock Squawk - it's different from all the other blue glitter bombs I own.

This fall is the season of metallics, it seems.  Every collection is chock full of them, including  Cosmetic Arts.  I'm sure I have dupes for this color, but for a $2 polish it looks great and works well.

Naild'it Froggy Pond was the only polish that wasn't opaque in two coats, though it is very thick.  Rolling the glitter off the brush worked well with this polish. 

This polish is mostly microglitters in black, yellow, and green, but I loved the surprise purple circles! My husband thought they were like the lily pads in the Froggy Pond.

What do think of the metallic trend?  Will you be rockin' metallic manis?  Will you be layering with Naild'it glitters?

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