Lit from Within: Vampy Vampires

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vampy Vampires

Enchanted Polish is quickly becoming one of my fave Indie brands.  They make such interesting holographic polishes, and I love a good holo.

This one is perfect for the season - Vampire's Dessert!

It's burgundy, then it's brown, then the rainbow flashes blue and even gold.. 

It definitely looks good enough to eat, and not just for a vampire!

This next polish is definitely vampy!  Essie skirting the issue.  I received this polish as a Klout perk.  Have you heard of Klout?  It's an app that gauges your social influence via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Enough people said I was influential about nail polish that I got a free one to share with you.

I didn't get to choose what color I wanted, but I was happy with this one!  I love vampy colors, especially dark reds. 


I decided to put Girly Bits Apparition over it.  This is a pretty white/silver holo glitter.  There are different shapes in here... even micro bars.  I don't like bar glitter, and I only own a couple of glitters that have them.
As you can see, though, they're really tiny.

I think it looks like blood on fallen snow.  If Dexter moved up north?

Halloween isn't just about purple and green! 

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