Lit from Within: ma, ma, ma, my Sonoma

Monday, October 1, 2012

ma, ma, ma, my Sonoma

Oh, how I have been wanting this glitter for a while, and it finally came up in rotation, and I snagged it.

I almost didn't.  My paypal was giving me issues.. one of my other polishes was cartjacked before I could get it fixed, but luckily, Clockwork was still in my shopping cart.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to try it layered over, but I finally settled on SpaRitual Fall In Love.  Because I had.  Fall in Love is a color I'm not sure how to describe.. it's a little bit pink shimmer, some gold shimmer, kinda terracotta, kinda copper...

Sonoma Nail Art Clockwork is a glitter melange of copper, bronze, and gold hexes and a few bars.  I think I got one in this mani... and I picked it off.  To me, bars are not worth the hassle.

Fall In Love did seem to match some of the coppery glitters, but I think I'll try this next over something darker to make the metallics pop. 

Sonoma Nail Art is one of those Indies that can be hard to come by, so you need to stalk her Facebook page to see when the next restock is.  Will you be stalking Sonoma Nail Art?  Or did you already get your favorite Sonoma polish?

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