Lit from Within: BL, now with more Berryliciousness!

Monday, October 15, 2012

BL, now with more Berryliciousness!

It's a new week!  No blues for this Monday.

Because, what's happier than a Snog?

 How about a Snog with a little lovin' dot? 

BL Queen Vic in a gradient of dotting sizes - simple, fun, and chic!

Up next is a Macy's exclusive BL -  Cake Hole.  So appropriate... because you couldn't Snog without a Cake Hole.  *snicker*

Cake Hole has a unique finish - not quite matte, but definitely not glossy.  More like a rubber finish.

I used Cake Hole for the base in this piece' de resistance of berry BL - a ruffled mani using all the berry colors together.

Kinda looks like a sweater!  If you haven't seen this type of nail art before, it's done using a dotting tool.  Make the dots just close enough together to touch, but not so close that you lose the definition of the dot.  Repeat with other colors, and it will make these ruffles!

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