Lit from Within: Buttery Metallic Madness!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Buttery Metallic Madness!

I love Fall, I just wish it got here faster and stayed longer in Florida.  As I write this, all the leaves are almost done falling off the trees, but it's still in the 80s.  At least I can have Fall on my nails whenever I want! 

BL Shag is a perfect Fall color - coppery, shiny, microglittery goodness.

I like that it's not a true metallic, not a foil either, but has some elements of both, plus glitter.

I also want to show you an oldie but a goodie, BL Wallis.  This is one of those ugly-pretty shades that not everyone will want to wear, but I get a kick out of it.  Golden-olive green, with a metallic, foil-y shine.

 So, why not put these two crazy colors together?  I used tape to make a checkerboard!

 I think I may like it even better as a matte.  I don't know, I love it both ways!

What's better than one crazy metallic color?  Two together!  I've done a lot of nail art these past weeks with Butter London, but this may be one of my faves.  Like chocolate and peanut butter, these two seem made to go together!


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