Lit from Within: Lotsa Lilacquer!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Lotsa Lilacquer!

I just love the intersections between geek girl and polish girl.  Lilaquer has a collection that pays homage to The Fifth Element movie, and I picked up a few.  They are as pretty as they are quirky!

First up, Zorg Industries:

Steel-blue grey with a slight duo-chrome shift, this polish just reads futuristic and industrial.

Leeloo Multipass was the polish that grabbed my attention first in this collection.  I never would have worn orange-pink before, but now I love it.  This is really a very sheer pale orange with a subtle pink shimmer.  Three coats, and you could still see some VNL.

An unexpected star of the show was Roo-Bee Rhod!  This is a real orange/pink duochrome that also evokes a little ruby red.  Two coats is much more opaque than Leeloo, also.

A little splash of Anti-matter of Opinion over Roo-Bee for an accent.  Gorgeous.  This glitter really shows more colors over darker undies, but I love a little subtle bling, too.

Another one of Lilaquer's polishes, Bakeneko, is from a different collection, but I'd heard rave reviews, so I decided to pick it up, too.  It's a Clarins 230-type polish, with the red shimmer, but it's really in it's own class.

One major reason is that Bakeneko doesn't need any undies at all.  The brown/red/green/gold shifts are inclusive in the polish itself.  It would probably shift darker if you did wear it over black, but it doesn't need it.  It's a gorgeous multi-chrome with a great formula.

Last, but not least, is a trio of duochrome topcoats that Lilacquer released in limited edition.  You might be able to find these floating around out there, but I don't know if she plans on bringing them back to her shop or not.  All of these are over a black creme, I believe.

Selkie is a blue/teal duochrome.  To be honest, I have amassed a small collection of these types of topcoats, and I rarely wear them.  There are so many interesting blue polishes out there, I don't often find the need to turn another color into a blue.  I have no complaints about Selkie, though, and it is certainly a pretty topcoat.

Lycanthrope is a gold/green topcoat.  Very pretty, and the slight shift to red is more unique than other topcoats in this vein.

At first blush, Kitsune looks a bit like Bakeneko, but it's more red, without the strong gold shift.  

I love how a topcoat can transform the look of a manicure.  These would also be fun to play with in nail art, changing colors within a nail.

Lilacquer is one of the Indies that has a great grasp on the duo/multi-chrome trend, and her polishes have good formulas, too!  Check her out if you like Indie polishes with a little something different to offer.

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