Lit from Within: Butter London (Monday) Blues

Monday, October 8, 2012

Butter London (Monday) Blues

Butter London has had some great sales lately, with BOGO at Ulta, and then a Buy-Two-Get-One at both Macy's and Ulta.  I'm waiting for them to go on sale at the Butter London website, so I can get the online exclusives!

In the meantime, I thought I'd show you some of the pretties I've picked up lately, and some nail art I did with them.

This is Artful Dodger, a beautiful aqua creme.  This was one of THE colors this summer, and I must own a baker's dozen blues like this.  I can't get enough!  

I like how it almost looks like a jelly, Caribbean blue in some lights, and like a creme in others.

And, here's the sad (blue) Monday part.  I tried to do a saran wrap mani with BL Royal Navy.. I had seen someone mention using the blue cover from a stamping plate for the saran wrap, so I tried it.

Kids, don't try this at home!  It was too stiff, and it pulled off too much color in some places, and not enough in others.  If this were done in red, it would look like a Dexter mani! lol.

Here's a happier blue mani - Victoriana.  This is one of my fave BL polishes.  It's got a great texture - almost a glitter, almost a scattered holo.. I don't know what it is, but it applies great and looks fabulous.

I decided to try and fake a laser tape mani by striping over it with BL Bluey and Artful Dodger.  


Even though it's not a perfect laser, I like how this turned out - and Bluey has a foil-like effect that looks great in nail art.

A laser mani is awesome, but this was a lot quicker - and I only needed a striping brush.  What do you think of a faux laser mani?


  1. Looks awesome. I am wearing Victoriana today and just posted it. It's one of my favorites too!


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