Lit from Within: Kunimitsu - Nail Potions

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kunimitsu - Nail Potions

A few weeks ago, I got the pleasure of meeting up with a couple of nail polish aficionados here in Daytona.  I had been waiting for a special occasion to wear my new Layla holo - Coffee Love.

I love brown, I love holo!  Unfortunately, I tried to protect it with a topcoat, and it was too thick and dulled the look, but it's such a complex polish it was still pretty.

One of the people I met at lunch was Jessica, the owner and creative spirit behind Nail Potions.  Kunimitsu was the name of her beloved cat, who has unfortunately passed from this world, but lives on in Jessica's heart and polish creations.  Kunimitsu's silhouette is featured on all the labels, with the star pattern she had on her chest.

Calico is a mix of brown, black, orange, and white micro glitters in a clear base - very reminiscent of a calico coat!  I layered this over Layla Coffee Love to make Calico Love! I really love these polishes together.  The orange is so colorful, but not overwhelming in this mix of glitters.

I'm not huge in the milky-white base glitter fan camp, but there are a few that I like, and these next two from Nail Potions are among my favorites.  Seal Point Siamese has blue, black, and holo microglitters suspended in the white base. 

I really love microglitters, and most of the polishes I have with them are very densely packed and opaque with glitter.  These two are very different because of the white base.

Flame Point Siamese has blue and holo microglitters, and adds coppery-orange ones to the mix.  It's a very soft look. 

I love the sophistication that these polishes have.  If you're interested in Nail Potions, you can find her on Facebook, and she has a shop on Etsy, as well.


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