Lit from Within: Hot and Burning Falloween

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hot and Burning Falloween

I have two undies from Hot Ticket and two glitters from LynnBDesigns to show you today.  They are all deliciously Fall-o-ween-ie!

First up, Root Beer Gloat by Hot Ticket (the Balm).  Oh, this polish was love at first sight!  Look at that inner glow, that caramel molten center... Hot Ticket polishes practically apply themselves, too - they just flow onto the nail.

I almost didn't want to cover it!  But I had just gotten two glitters from Lynn B Design's Halloween collection, and I thought that Wolf's Bane would compliment Root Beer Gloat perfectly.  The base colors are similar, I think, and the flash of blue is so much fun.  I love brown and blue together.

The next Hot Ticket polish, Candy Apple-a-Day, was a pleasant surprise on the nail!  I didn't expect it to be sooooo shimmery.  I've never seen MAC Bad Fairy, but I wonder if this would be a dupe or close cousin.  The orange/pink duochrome is so pretty.  Amazing formula, too.  This is two coats, and no topcoat.

It pains me to show you my flops, but I just have to be honest.  See that little flash of glowing red glitter in the bottle of Burning Leaves?  That's what made me think this glitter would look good with Candy Apple-A-Day.  The base color is all wrong, though, and I didn't like how it muted the wonderful fire of CAAD.

Burning Leaves is a gorgeous glitter, don't get me wrong.  I love Fall glitters like this with the oranges and browns and reds.  It just didn't pair well with the undies.

Into every life a little rain must fall! More winning manis to come!

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