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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Indie January - Chick Polish

Some bloggers are showcasing Indie polishes this month, and I thought that was a grand idea.  I love quite a few of the Indie brands, and think they deserve a little spotlight.

First up is one of the 'lab' Indies - designed by the brand owners, but produced to standard in a chemical laboratory.  These types of polishes are consistent and professional-looking, but with the creativity of a small brand.  Chick polish is fashion-forward, edgy, but with a girly 'chick' feel.

I first became aware of them when they sponsored some samples for the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida.  I didn't swatch All A Twitter, but I used it in a dotticure for the blog.  These polishes I'm reviewing here I bought, with the exception of Hipster Chick, which they graciously offered for free.

First up, Gr8 Grey Owl.  Oh, how the greys have stolen my heart this year.  This grey is light, fresh, and a great palate cleanser. Great for any season.

I can't find the original link to the art I was inspired by, so if you know it, please leave it in the comments.  I created this with a small art brush and Rocker Chick.  I love the combination of the innocent grey and the naughty burgundy...

Gavie Green was a lovely surprise!  I didn't know it was a matte.  So richly pigmented, too.  It's not a true green, not a true blue, either.  Such a fun color.

I love half-moon manis, and this one was funky!  Hipster chick over the Gavie Green, and dots along the line with Falcon Pearl.

Hipster chick is a sheer scattered holo greenish-yellow.  I loved it immediately.  You can see here how it looks on its own (thumb) and from index to pinkie, how it transformed Gr8 Grey Owl, Moss, Gavie Green, and Rocker Chick.

I had an awful time trying to photograph Moss.  It's so glossy, the light just kept bouncing off of it.  This is without topcoat.  It looks like you could go swimming in it.

I went with a floral design for Moss, made with other Chick colors, including Gr8 Grey Owl, Hipster Chick, and Rocker Chick.

Rocker Chick has this incredible purple shimmer that glows from within the polish.

An edgy Rocker can wear studs, so that's how I accessorized this polish.  I especially love the square French, and the teardrop petals.

The last Chick polish I have to show you today is Falcon Pearl.  I don't often gravitate towards metallics, but the grey was irresistible.

I gave it a pinstripe look with Rocker Chick and Gr8 Grey Owl.  I love this look, so easy and eye-catching.

I really like this brand.  Fun, edgy, and cute, but with no-nonsense formulas that don't disappoint.  You can find Chick on Facebook, or on their website.

Will you be getting some Chicks?


  1. These are really pretty polishes! I love your floral design! I'd love to know where you're based; I also live in FL! :)

    1. Thanks! I'm in Port Orange (central FL, by Daytona Beach.) Where are you?


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