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Friday, January 25, 2013

Indie January - Jindie Nails

Jindie Nails came out of nowhere and just bowled me over with her awesome polishes!  I can't wait to show you some of the neat creations she has!

Swoon.  This is the one that got me.  Blue milky base with blue and translucent neon green and pink glitters.  Tons of glitter that went on smoothly.  I need an industrial-size bottle of this one.

Candy Land Remix and Choose Me.  Choose me is a micro-glitter-shimmer in a berry color.  I thought it would be chunkier, but I'm glad it's not.  I decided to pair it with the Candy Land Remix (remix to include the small neon glitters as an LE edition)  They were fun to wear together.  I love the bright cheerfulness of these two polishes.

Just Claws (formerly Mrs. Claws.)  If you put this next to Choose Me, they are hard to tell apart, but on the nail they are different.  This is holo!  Beautiful, easy application.

I saw this look on Dressed Up Nails for a minimalist watercolor, and I really liked it, so I thought I could maybe do something with these polishes.  I added Peripera P026, a shimmery-chrome pink, and China Glaze On The Prowl, a red-toned purple, then used a black striper to create the wave.

Water 4 Elephants. Grey and blue together.. so awesome.  I painted an accent nail in Revlon Fashionista, a dark teal, and then tried a glitter gradient over that.. but Water 4 Elephants is opaque in one coat, so it's not the best for gradients.  I did a small French tip with the Fashionista on the other nails, and really liked the final result.

Bruised Ego.  This is a fun microglitter!  My ring finger is 2 or 3 coats of Bruised Ego with no undies!  I didn't think it would be opaque on its own, but I was wrong.  I used Pure Ice Black Rage on my thumb and Milani White on the Spot for my other fingers and tried a reverse glitter gradient.  Boy, howdy, was this not fun to clean from around my cuticles!  Tiny dots everywhere.  But so worth it.  Next time, I'll be neater!

Stomping Gilbert Grapes.  Very punny!  lol.  I really like this color combo in the milky glitter.  The purple, pink, and green go really well together.  Very pastoral, soothing, but the pink makes it fun.  Perfect Spring polish, too!

Jindie Nails has amazing customer service, too.  I see her really going above and beyond to make sure that her customers are taken care of. 

Does customer service for Indies mean anything when you're shopping, or is it just about the polish?  Do you like the fancy packaging and little notes?  What makes you want to go back to a particular Indie?

If you're interested in learning more about Jindie Nails, you can find her on Facebook, and also on Etsy.

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