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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Indie January - Pretty Jelly

When a nail blogger comes out with a line of polish, you expect it to be amazing, right?  Well, blogger Liquid Jelly has made some amazing holo polishes that I really liked - and you know how I feel about my holos. 

Glamorous Thief.  This is an ice-blue holo - that's right, not silver, not cobalt, but ICE blue.  There really aren't many holos I've seen in this color range.  Most blues tend toward the darker shades.  This one is awesome.  Great color, nice rainbow.  Made a nice base for some nail art, too!

I took this idea for a colorblock mani from a Pinterest pin and changed up the colors.   I took some pieces of striping tape, alternated one long piece either vertically or horizontally across the nail, and then added a piece on either side, offset, to create a tiled look.

I used Diamond S-Teal-er and Bullet Rouge for the other colors.  I loved both of them.  Very pigmented, lots of depth.  

Grape Escape.  This is an amazing purple holo.  Look at that rainbow - lots of color.

I decided to try one of these new 'earthquake' manis I've been seeing on the blogs.  I painted the bottom 1/2 of my nails with Bullet Rouge, and then took a black striper and made a jagged line between the two of them.  Grape Escape and Bullet Rouge go together so well, even the rainbow matches from the top to the bottom.  I love how the yellow part of the rainbow comes out in both colors, it makes me think of a sunset.

What do you think of these nail art techniques?  Do you have a fave from these four polishes?  Are you as excited as I am to see what Pretty Jelly will come up with next?

If you'd like more info on Pretty Jelly, you can go to Liquid Jelly's Facebook page, or to their Etsy shop.


  1. Love the nail art! Especially the first one. :) Glad you liked the polishes!

    1. Thanks! I really like them, and I already ordered some from your second release...

    2. I noticed, thank you! I hope you like the three you ordered as well! :)


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