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Monday, January 7, 2013

Indie January - Pretty & Polished

If there is one cue that the major brands are taking from Indies, it's putting out a great milky-based glitter, or a jelly-sandwich in a bottle.  This is one area where a lot of the Indies shine, and I have three from Pretty & Polished to show you today.

First up, Dalmation Nation. 

It's a little weird, right?  I feel like I have googly eyes on my nails.  I've seen there's an actual polish that *has* googly eyes in it, though.

I really like the white with small black glitters, and I like the concept of large circle glitter, but they required a lot of fishing and placing.  It took a loooong time to get one out for each of my nails.

Next up, Power Cosmic.  Oh, if the white is good, the black is awesome.  I love these black jellies with glitter floating through them - like a galaxy nail in a bottle.

It looks even deeper with topcoat.

I couldn't resist adding a little China Glaze Fairy Dust to really give it that 'galaxy' nail look.

I saved my fave for last:  Private School.

The grey jellies are my fave of the milky-based glitters, I do believe.  Foggy and mysterious, bright and naive.  I could take or leave the little red glitters, but this polish is a stunner all the way around.

Are you a fan of the jelly sandwich/milky-based glitters, too?  Which Pretty & Polished is your fave?
You can find Pretty & Polished on Facebook or on their website.


  1. I like the milky based ones - I didn't think I would, but so glad I finally tried one!

    1. I'm with you - I resisted for so long, and now they're among my faves.

  2. I like Private School the best, too! I love milky based polishes! :)

    1. I think the Indie makers have discovered my weakness for grey... owie, my wallet! Isn't that combo of grey, red, black, and white so classic?


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