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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Stamping with Indies - Enkelini

Sorry so late.. but it's still Sunday, at least where I am! I did two challenge manis to make up for it.

I decided to use Enkelini holos for both looks.  If you haven't tried her polishes yet, you are in for a treat.  I did have some VNL with the lighter holos after 2 coats, but they are some of the brightest and vibrant colored holos I've tried. 

Lainey Lou.  Juicy orange holo.  It's so rich!


I then stamped the arrows in Finger Paints Black Expressionism and plate Mash-37.  After some topcoat and drying time, I used a piece of clear tape to cover that part of the nail and paint the other half with a gorgeous maroon - Mahogany Row.

Then I reversed the direction of the stamp and used Finger Paints Paper Mache to stamp white arrows.  I wasn't even thinking about why I liked these two colors together, and then I realized - Hokie Colors!  I'm a graduate of Virginia Tech, and these are my school colors.  Subliminal after effects, 20 years later...

For the second mani, I used Enkelini Pimp My Pink.  This is probably the brightest pink I own - certainly the brightest I can ever remember wearing.  It's not neon, just BRIGHT.  Very girly, candy-pink.  I paired it with some bright pink lipstick, too, and felt pretty hot.  Gotta do something to dress up my nubbins...  yeah, my nails have always been short, but a few broke, and it seemed the only thing to do was take them all down.

Five Fingers, 5 letters in my name!  Striping tape and a modified hole reinforcement, and I made some letters.

  I then used Finger Paints Black Expressionism and the Mash-46 stamping plate to create this:

I wish I had known how to do this in high school, this would have worked so well in the '80s.

I don't usually mix stamping with other forms of nail art - it was a challenge to think about how to incorporate the two!  What would you have done?

If you're interested in seeing more from Enkelini, please check out her Facebook page.  She has an Etsy shop, and is also selling polishes through Color4Nails.

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