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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Indies - fruity goodness

The theme today is that all of the Indies have something about fruit in their names!

First up, some colorful red jelly undies with Chi 24k red.  Love the flecks.  It's a lot like OPI Animalistic and other red flecks.

This Indie had a small marketing problem - they didn't put their name anywhere on the bottle!  I think it's 2Chix Holo Berry, but I could be wrong.  They might have changed their name, too.  People, if you're selling something, put your name on it...

I used Essence Grey-t to be here to do some nail art.  I was going for flowers, but I think they look like zombie/skeleton arms reaching out.  Yeah, that's what they are, that's the ticket.

The next mani starts with China Glaze Immortal, which was released around Halloween.  It's a beautiful medium grey with flecks of blue and purple.  I love grey, and this grey is pretty awesome.

I wanted to emphasize the blue, so I added Lilacquer Blueberry Pi.  I am loving those iridescent blue glitters.  So pretty!

The last look starts with a polish I had to find on ebay - Revlon Royal Cloak.  I love the flakies in this purple polish, but I do wish they were a tad more pronounced.  Still, it has all the wonderfulness of a Revlon polish.

I did a glitter gradient with Hit Polish Pomegranate Ice.  I don't always like to wear red and purple together, but this polish is pretty cool.  The red makes the mani a little more interesting.

So, there you have it - berries, blueberries, and pomegranate.  Sounds almost good enough to eat!

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