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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Indie January - Maya Cosmetics

Maya Cosmetics is a new-to-me Indie, and I fell in love with their collections.  I have a bunch of their polishes to show you today!  In addition to the great formulas and colors, I was happily surprised to see that so many of their colors complimented each other in my nail art.

First up, Smolder.   Plummy-brown with a shimmer.  Yep, it made me smolder.

I used Voodoo for a glitter gradient over Smolder.  I love how the base colors compliment each other, and the glitter brings out the red tones in the polish.

For this look, I started with Enigma and accent nails in Hex.  I'm learning to love these chartreuse colors that are so popular.   This one isn't quite as yellow, so that makes me love it more.  And brown and green together is a win for me.

I wanted to bling it out a bit, and Treme is very blingy!  I wasn't expecting it to be so opaque!  You can only clearly see the base colors at the top of the nail.   I think the gold in Treme brings out the best in Hex and Enigma.

I fell in love with Tranquillis the first time I saw it!  Like deep, mysterious ocean water, with dark teal and green and gold.  Gorgeous.

I was really in the mood for glitter gradients with I was playing with these Maya polishes!  This is No Big Deal over Tranquillis.  No Big Deal is a dark blue-black glitter, and over Tranquillis, it pulls more black, which felt like the ocean floor in this nail art...

... which is probably why I painted seaweed-like fronds on my nails in Hex and Smolder.  Don't all these colors just look like they belong together? 

It's no secret that I love my holos, and of course I had to buy Nefarious Aquarius!  Teal and holo, yes, please!

I paired it with Hootenanny, a dark, multicolor glitter.  I love the contrast in textures, and the way the holo brings out the blue glitter in Hootenanny.

For the last look, I paired Hootenanny as an accent with Baby, It's Cold Outside.  These two glitters are going commando - no undies, and they are full-coverage.  You can see that they're not chunky or thick, either.  Very well-made microglitters.

Baby, it's cold outside, so there must be snow, right?  Massive, deformed snowflakes.  Radioactive snow?

This Indie brand is amazing - for me, they hit all of these polishes out of the park. You can find Maya Cosmetics on Facebook and on their webpage.  Which is your fave?


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