Lit from Within: Indie January - Kelara Laccquers

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Indie January - Kelara Laccquers

Kelara Lacquers is a relatively new Indie on the scene, but they are making a splash.  When I saw this new collection of holos (...and some holiday polishes on sale) I knew I had to have them. 

All pix were taken indoors, so the rainbow isn't as strong, but I actually like the pix in this light because you can see some rainbow, but you can also see what the polish looks like inside, which is where I am most of the time anyway.

One Man Wolf Pack.  Aarrooooo!  Sexy silver/grey.  Nice application, once coat, no special undies or buffing needed. 

I saw a pix of a diagram for Tangram nails on Todos Mis Esmaltes Facebook page, and I thought I would try it with the Kelara holos. I love the way it came out, though I would probably put I Love Lamp as the basecoat next time.  it's lighter, and you can see it got a little goopy on my thumb when I tried to keep layering it on.  That is definitely user error, though, not the fault of the polish.

I used I Love Lamp, These Go To Eleven, and Blue Steel in the tangram, but I also wanted to show you them on their own.  Accent fingers are Blue Steel, and the rest are I Love Lamp.

I dabbed a little bit of Kelara White Christmas on the tips for a pretty glitter effect.  I love the shimmer base and the small white squares.  Very dainty, and doesn't overpower the light purple, either.

These Go To Eleven.  A thinly-veiled Spinal Tap reference, no doubt.  I LOVE This is Spinal Tap, it's one of my fave movies ever.  I also love green holos.  This one picks up the yellow and gold in the rainbow the best.

The last two holiday glitters I picked up are Tinsel Town (on the ring finger and thumb) and Silver and Gold (index, middle, and pinky fingers).  They are both small glitters with holo mixed in, but Tinsel Town is multicolored, whereas Silver and Gold is predominantly  metallic, and it's also more opaque.  Even with one coat, you can't see the green through the polish like you can with Tinsel Town.

 Blurred a little for more holo effect.

Chocolate Wasted.  I love brown holos.  This one is no exception.  Great pigmentation, great rainbow, and it does look like Belgian chocolate.  Well, maybe sparkly Belgian chocolate.  If there were such a thing.

I think all of these polishes from Kelara Lacquers are winners.  My fave of the glitters is White Christmas.  My fave of the holos is Chocolate Wasted.  Oooh, I should wear those together.  What do you think?  Do you like these, or do you have other Kelara Lacquers?

If you'd like to check out Kelara, you can find them on Facebook, or at their shop.

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