Lit from Within: Indie January - Wing Dust

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Indie January - Wing Dust

I like a little surprise in my life, so I bought a couple of polish grab bags last year.  One of them contained these two pretty polishes from Wing Dust, but no labels for the names.  I went over to Wing Dust's Facebook page with a pix, and within minutes I had an answer from the creator herself. 

This first one is called A Day Without Rain.  Turquoise base with white and gold glitters, it's very subtle and delicate and pretty.  I do usually like my glitters to be a bit more pronounced, but the gold shimmer in the polish helps to draw attention to the gold glitters, at least. 

To emphasize the gold, but continue with the delicate nature of the polish, I stamped subtle, rolling clouds with Maybelline Bold Gold.  I love the effect!

The second polish is Crazy For You.  This has had me singing Heart's song by the same name for *days*.  This is my type of glitter - dark blue/black jelly base, and bright glitter.  I really am crazy for this polish.

I wanted to emphasize the spots of color, so I dotted a diagonal stripe with Revlon After Party (sage green) and Dress Code (shimmery purple).

Are you a fan of the subtle, hidden glitters, or do you like them to jump out at you?

Wing Dust Collections can be found on her Facebook Page or her Etsy shop.

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