Lit from Within: Indie January - My Ten Friends

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Indie January - My Ten Friends

My Ten Friends.  What a clever name for a polish company!  Gave me a good chuckle, and I'd seen a swatch online of one of her polishes, so I decided to check it out, and I ended up with these two polishes:

Carbon-Based Life Form.  This is a sheer nude polish with different size translucent glitter, as well as small holo glitter.   On my pinky, I started with two layers of the polish by itself, but I worried it was so sheer I wouldn't be able to build it to opacity before the glitters got out of hand, so I layered over Sephora by OPI You're a Nut, Meg.

While the combo looks ok in pictures, in Real Life, I think the polish lost something being layered.  I ended up liking the sheer look more.  I also had some trouble getting those larger hex glitters out - after my pinkie, I guess they all went into hiding.  I like this polish, though.  It's nude, but it's different.  I can see some people wearing a polish like this to work when they need to be conservative.. but not boring.

The second polish I chose was Dirtball.  No undies for this one at all - I learned my lesson.

I really like brown and blue together, and the addition of holo and black glitters really make this an interesting polish.  It really is reminiscent of the colors of this dirtball we all live on.

My Ten Friends - Nail Polish to the Stars definitely has an astronomical bent to the polish names, and really appeals to the geek in me.  You can find them on Facebook and on Etsy.

Do you think My Ten Friends is 'out of this world'?  Would you put Carbon-Based Life Form on *your* carbon-based life form?

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