Lit from Within: Sunday Stamping - light over a dark base - with NailNation 3000

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Stamping - light over a dark base - with NailNation 3000

I love stamping... but lately, it hasn't loved me back!  Another week where I can't get my stamping to go on straight...

I loved the polishes I used, though!  The theme this week is light on dark, so I started with NailNation 3000 Linger, a brownish-plummy holo.  Love colors like this, and NailNation holos are among my faves.  Lots of color and depth.

I used my Jumbo Cheeky plate and another NailNation holo, Mozelle, to stamp a stripe of bordered roses.  Such a delicate stamp, and a delicate color.  Mozelle is a light lavender-leaning nude.  Today wasn't as sunny as I'd like, but you can still see the rainbows!

I dabbed a little color on the roses with a third NailNation polish, Eve.   Eve is a cobalt blue holo with sparkles.  I just wanted a little bit of color in the roses. 

Stamping definitely takes practice to find good combinations.  At least in this case I really like the individual polishes even if I didn't put together a great stamped mani.  Live and learn!

Currently, you can find NailNation 3000 polishes on her facebook page (there is an album with all the polishes currently for sale - send her a message, and she will invoice you on Paypal.)  Or, you can go through Llarowe.  If you like holos, you need to check hers out!  She uses lots of different grits of holo, so her polishes have lots of depth.

Do you love holos, too?

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